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Here at we specialise in supplying building plots and renovation properties away from the coast, concentrating instead on the lovely countryside regions with their mountains, valleys, lakes, rivers and forests, a place where you can find peace, tranquillity and a true sense of Mother Nature at her best.

Whatever style of property you are looking for our experienced team can build or restore it for you so please take a few minutes to explore our website and we are sure you will not be disappointed. Alternatively if you are thinking about a self build project or would like to undertake renovation work yourselves, we are only a phone call away for free impartial advice and help if needed.

Our free Advice and Information Pack explains everything you need to know about buying land and building or restoring a property in Croatia, if you would like to receive a copy simply contact us and we will email you the pack straight away.

But for now just settle back, relax and take a few minutes to see what the lovely inland regions of Croatia have to offer.

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At we offer our customers a service second to none, making the whole process of buying, building or restoring a property in Croatia safe, simple and straightforward. All of our building plots have clean title in place which means you can buy quickly, with confidence and complete peace of mind, while our renovation properties have Croatian company ownership already in place and can be purchased outright in just one day.

We try to make our customers inspection visits as inexpensive as we can so as part of our service we will collect you from Zagreb airport and drive you around while you are here, for which we charge just €50 per day. This allows you to concentrate on viewing properties and take in the lovely Croatian countryside as we pass. To arrange a visit with us simply email your chosen dates and flight details and we will take care of the rest.

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Whether you are downsizing, upscaling or just looking for an easier way of life, this part of Croatia may be ideal. We have exclusive stand alone building plots on the edge of villages, where you can build your ultimate holiday home, family farmhouse or luxury villa.

Alternatively why not consider joining one of our Eco Village developments with other expat Europeans, forming a small community of like minded people. Our Eco Village developments are designed to meet today's demand for smaller properties, creating resilient communities and places where renewable energy technologies, sustainability issues and lifestyle preferences are more important than the car you drive or the clothes you wear. Community spirit, involvement and participation are intangible elements we try to develop as part of our projects, making homes in these developments something very special indeed.

We build the type of properties that real people want to live in, not what developers think they should. We can construct buildings from straw, reclaimed or new brick, old or new timber, steel and many other combinations, the choice and style is is yours not ours.

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Croatia is a modern country, full of life and vitality and while many people know about the beautiful Adriatic coast just 2 hours drive away, the inland regions of the Country are still one of Europe's best kept secrets. Our region is centred between the cosmopolitan capital of Zagreb and the beautifully restored city of Varazdin, both of which offer a wealth of historical and contemporary architecture, museums, restaurants, theatres and other tourist attractions to entertain you day or night and where you will find all of the large stores and household names you would expect in any large city.

You will find the Croatian people warm, generous and welcoming and with their genuine friendliness and relaxed attitude to life are one of Croatia's most endearing qualities. The inland regions of Croatia have four proper seasons with beautiful spring and autumn periods, long hot summers and wonderland white winters, a place where the air is clean, the water fresh and wildlife flourishes, simply nature at its very best.

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Our Eco Hamlet projects are based around individual, private homes rather than co housing schemes, but should enough people be interested in starting a cooperative style housing development, we would be very happy to be involved.

We are always looking for people interested in joining one of our projects and are constantly updating our list of potential members as times frames, skill sets and budgets often differ very widely. If you would like to consider joining one of our future or current projects and would like to come along to one of our UK or Croatian meetups, let us know.

In 2014 our business has taken a very different approach to how and what type of properties we offer for sale, this change is partly due to the complexity of the legal system in Croatia and partly due to our customers demand. There are a number of “unusual” factors and practices for foreigners buying a property in Croatia, but building a brand new home usually overcomes most of these problems and will actually work out cheaper in the long run through VAT savings. Full details are included in our free advice and information pack, if you would like to receive a copy simply send us an email and we'll email a copy over to you straight away.

Perhaps you have a small income or are looking to make your pension go further? Maybe you work on the internet or run your own Ebay business? If this sounds like you then you can live comfortably in Croatia, especially in one of our energy efficient and low running cost sustainable homes.

Growing your own food and raising livestock are the normal way of life here and sharing skills and experiences or bartering trades between neighbours is a daily occurrence. Tool and car sharing, local trading, free-cycling and upcycling happen everyday in an Eco Village.

If being part of an eco village does not sound right for you then we usually have a good selection of detached land plots close by, allowing you a sense of local security while retaining a larger degree of personal privacy.

If you have any questions regarding buying property or living in Croatia then please feel free to email us and we will do our best to help; we look forward to hearing from you soon.


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